How to Create a Simple Reading nook

After a long day, you might need to unwind as you read a book or just stare at portraits or even just enjoy your view from your study space. A reading nook should be your safe haven for your thoughts as you relax. Here are some tips on how to make your special reading nook.

Select the Right Space

Picking the right spot will assist you to have a piece of mind. First, look out for the space that has limited traffic in the house or far from the entertainment room. Ensure you feel right about the space and that you like the vibe. One can also choose a favourite corner in the house to make it into a reading nook.

Choose the Right Colours

Space shouldn’t feel gloomy or dull, it should be flooded by light and if possible natural colours are advised as this will increase your mood to properly use the space. The natural colours also increase your concentration level as the eye doesn’t wander too much.

The Right Furniture

One needs to buy the right chair and desk or table as these are essential to space, if you construct a built-in shelf with a snug, you might consider getting soft cushions. Comfort should be key when getting furniture as these might be your regular chill spot.


These require natural light or direct light e.g. use lamps. While a perusing book with a great deal of characteristic light works best, a decent understanding of light or divider sconce can make the comfortable feel your space needs. So attempt a light with a couple of settings, so you can change the lighting relying upon the hour of the day and your necessities required.

Book Storage

As this is a reading nook, you definitely need storage for your multiple copies. One can build a bookcase depending on your needs and space available. These can be made using a variety of materials from metal, wood to even plastics.

No Electronics

Possibly, if one needs to concentrate on a book. You might want to get rid of all digital gadgets, as they may serve as a distraction to what you are trying to achieve.

Space Decoration

There is a need for one to decorate the space to add oomph as to increase its utility. One can add a portrait or a flower vase. Or use a large window with a nice view as the rooms portrait.

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